Meeting Minutes

Minutes for PTO meeting 9/22/2020 at 6pm

Attendance: Maribel, Lisa, Eric, Dana, Nancy, Tristan, Donyelle, other Bear Cub community members. 

Since we are not having WW days, the teachers usually apply for the $400 grants and instead we gave
$100 to the teachers.
Wendy-should be receiving and email soon from the WW day committee, they still plan to do the raffles

Ann-sheet fundraiser middle and elementary schools. 100% virtual and contact free. 3 to 4 days they get
them. The more people on board the more money. If 150 families sell 10 sheets its 15,000. Parent letter
one week before the kick off, prizes how to log in, danas testimonial, and directions to get the store
going. Zoom call to kick off. Amazon gift cards as prizes for the kids. They can make a few hundred bucks
in amazon cards. Sharing the link on facebook or email and they can automatically go there. Have
everyone at least buy one set for the house. Far reaching. 1800 thread count $49.00 per sheet. Kick off
in the next few weeks. Delivers fast.

Red hill masks made for the kids to buy at school, hopefully in the next few weeks. Not a huge money
maker but cool gear.

EFEC-Wendy 5B Mil Levy How do we get the yard signs. Email Dana and we can get you one.

Enrichment program- Lisa discussed

Principal report-3 new teachers
7 teachers reassigned
20 classroom teachers
14 is the average class size
13% remote learning
327 total enrollment
New specials cycle, reduced class sizes, changes to lunch, recess, remote learning options
Looking into getting touchscreen chrome books
Some kids are coming back from remote learning because of the cool things they are doing.
7 mindsets-booklets in the school
School improvements: focusing on connecting with the kids and relationships right now.
Health and safety of the kids
Celebrate the beat-kids are having fun and PTO has funded this.
Parent teachers conference-look a little different but will occur in the month of October.
Questions: crossing guard at the corner of grundel way and valley road

Back to school night virtual platform was helpful.
Thank you to staff for the tragedy last week and how they performed with them. Knowing he got out
safely. Thanks for keeping them safe.

Questions from surveys-

Spanish specials? Will we do this again? Reduced specials offering right now but
once we get some expanded programing we might be able to go back to this.

How can we support the Roe family? We have established a meal train. Service next week for Patty, next
Tuesday. Flowers are appreciated electing not to do a go fund me page. Mike Roe will share this
information about the service. Something at Lungren theater. We will pass this info on. Meal train, call
the office tomorrow to sign up.

Meeting every other month.

Ended at 6:55pm.

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